b'useful info useful info14Mission Statement The mission of Ashland Parks & Recreation is to provide and promote recreational opportunities and to preserve and maintain public lands. Photo Usage Mail My GuideOn occasion, Ashland Parks & RecreationGenerally, our PlayGuides are direct-mailed to every household photographs participants enrolled in recreationin Ashland & Talent. If you live outside of the area and would like programs, at events or on Ashland Parks &to receive a hardcopy of each of our three annual PlayGuides, Recreation properties. The photos are used forcomplete our online form at ashland.or.us/MailMyGuide, email Ashland Parks & Recreation purposes only andparksinfo@ashland.or.us, call 541.488.5340 or stop by The may be included in future media.Grove at 1195 E Main St. Follow us!Follow us on social media @AshlandParksandRec on Instagram and Facebook. #AshlandParksandRec #APRC#AshlandWhatToDo #FunItsInOurNature Fun, its in our Nature!How to Register Online ashland.or.us/RegisterOnline registration is quick, easy, convenient and available 24/7.See instantly how many spaces are still available for each 4.Choose An Activity For Enrollmentactivity a. In the A CtivityD etAiLscreen, click on A DD tom yC Artin the bluePay with VISA, MasterCard, or American Express banner under the activity description or at the bottom of the page.View the online version of this guide at ashland.or.us/PlayGuide.b. Additional ActivitiesAfter you have logged on, you may continue If you have questions regarding online registration, please callsearching and adding activities to your s hoPPingC Art .Ashland Parks & Recreation at 541.488.5340.5. Update Shopping CartIf more than one family member will beattending the activity, you need to enter each one separately so we 1. Setting Up An AccountIf you DO NOT have a customer account,have each family member enrolled in the class.please read these instructions. Register from the C ustomerL oginscreen.6.Choose EnrolleesOn this page, choose the family member(s) who Click on r equestA CCountNow to register. Fill out the n ewA CCount will be registering for each activity, then select C ontinue . Please Note: If r equestcompletely, including birth date. Please submit your requestyou have not added your family members before reaching the e nroLLeeonly once, and use your own information when filling out the form,i nFormAtionpage, they will not appear under the e nroLLeeheading. Younot a child you wish to register. Once you have an account, you willcan click on m yA CCountfrom here to add family member(s). Once all have the opportunity to add family members. Please Note: An accuratefamily members have been added, select s hoPPingC Art . From there email address is required to complete the registration process. You will you may continue to C heCkout .receive an account confirmation email with your login name. 7.CheckoutReview your s hoPPingC Art . From this screen you can2.Add Family MembersIf you wish to enroll family members other than remove activities from your cart, view more activities, or update your yourself: cart. If everything is correct, click on the C heCkoutbutton to proceed.a. Click on m yA CCount . 8.Confirm PricesOn the C onFirmP riCespage, look over your transac-b. Then click on C hAngeF AmiLym embers(under the P ersonALi nFormAtion tion to confirm the price(s), time(s), and date(s) of each activity/class. category.)Click C ontinueto proceed.c. Fill in the information completely for each member of your family. Please Note: Many of our activities have age and grade restrictions;9.PaymentEnter your credit card information on the P Aymenti nFormA -therefore, birth dates and grade completed in school are required. tionpage. Please Note: The name and address must match those on 3. file with your credit card company. If the address shown is not your Search For An Activity billing address, click on m yA CCountand change your address toa. You may search for activities by C ategory , L oCation , C LAss , or C LAss match your billing address. Click C ontinue .n umber .b. Click on the activity name to see more details about it. 10. ReceiptPrint out a copy of your receipt.44 Ashland Parks & Recreation 2020 WinterSpring PlayGuide| 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St.'