b'adult programs(18 and up) 3809Est 1sionmmisco Pre-registration at ashland.or.us/register required for all programs unless otherwise indicatedEDUCATION & ENRICHMENT Spanish for TravelersThis class is ideal for people planning a trip to Spanish-speaking countries or learn basics of communication in Beginning French for Travelers Spanish. Please bring notebook and paper. Instructor will A 6-week course focusing on French vocabulary, customs,provide handouts with learning material.culture and travel tips. If you do not speak French and wouldWHO: Anyone travelling to Latin America or Spain or like to learn survival French, this class is for you! interested in Spanish languageWHO: Travelers to French-speaking countries and anyoneWHAT: Participants will learn basic Spanish vocabulary and interested in learning more about French language andcultural aspects of Spanish speaking countriesculture INSTRUCTOR: Monica Rountree is a native Spanish WHAT: Designed to meet the needs of the traveler and& Italian speaker with a masters degree in romance anyone curious about the French language. Explore themeslanguagessuch as food, getting around, lodging and more. AGES16 & upINSTRUCTOR: Lauren Schaffer DAYMondayDATEJan 13-Feb 17 AGES18 & up TIME5-6:30pmDAYTuesday PLACEThe Grove | Otte-Peterson RoomDATEJan 14-Feb 18 COST$120 (6 classes)TIME7-8pmPLACEThe Grove | Otte-Peterson Room Italian for TravelersCOST$75 (6 classes)This class is ideal for people planning a trip to Italy or Italian speaking countries. Please bring notebook and paper. Continuing French Classes;Instructor will provide handouts with learning material.WHO: Anyone travelling to Italy or interested in the Italian Session 2 & 3 languageContinuing classes are for participants in Fall 2019 FrenchWHAT: Participants will learn basic Italian vocabulary and classes or anyone with foundation in French looking tocultural aspects of Italyresume classes. Please bring a 3-ring binder for weeklyINSTRUCTOR: Monica Rountreehandouts and voluntary homework for practice outside of the classroom. Classes are interactive. AGES16 & upFor all continuing classes registration and information,DAYMondayplease e-mail the instructor laurenbethschaffer@gmail.com.DATEJan 13-Feb 17 Online registration is not available. TIME6:30-8pmPLACEThe Grove | Otte-Peterson RoomDAYTuesday COST$120 (6 classes)DATESession 2: Jan 7-Mar 3Session 3: Mar 31-May 26 Continuing Spanish and Italian PLACEThe Grove | Otte-Peterson RoomCOST$100 (9 classes) For more details and to register for continuing Spanish Continuing Beginning French: 6-7pm and Italian classes please contact the instructor at Conversation and essential grammar to help further yourmonicarountree@hotmail.comspeaking skills. Continuing Beginning Italian: 5-6pmContinue expanding on your Intermediate/AdvancedIntermediate Italian: 6:05-7:05pmFrench speaking and grammar skills with poetry, shortAdvanced Italian: 7:10-8:10pmstories, music and film: DAYWednesdayContinuing Intermediate French: 56pmDATESSession 1: Jan 15-Mar 11Continuing Advanced Intermediate French: 45pm Session 2: Apr 8-Jun 3Continuing Advanced French: 34pmContinuing Beginning Spanish: 5-6pmIntermediate Spanish: 6:05-7:05pmAdvanced Spanish: 7:10-8:10pmRegister Today! DAY ThursdayDATES Session 1: Jan 16-Mar 12Session 2: Apr 9-Jun 46 Ashland Parks & Recreation 2020 WinterSpring PlayGuide| 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St.'