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For more i hou mati community.F st a newsletter, c n or to reque 5a newsletter l se l 541 nfo@ash 2 o d.or.us. seniorinfo@ashland.or.us.Senior Services Ongoing ProgramsSenior Services Ongoing ProgramsThe following services support seniors and thei ilfamilies: Enjoy a variety of recreational and social activities at thethe The following services support seniors and fam r ies: Enjoy a variety of recreational and social activities atIn Information & Referral and Resource Consultations:Senior Center.Ongoing activities offered includeformation and Referral: Referrals to local and regionalSenior Center. Ongoing activities offered includere Referralsor se calrs and family caregi ces for seniors and sources f to lo nio and regional resour versCribbage Clr InstDection (Mac & PC)p 30 Healt ily c elated Activiti appoi loodntsssureoreting, e foot Computeubrutails p 18fam h-R aregivers, andes: B ntme pre for m tes in-d pthDementia Caregiver Support Groupp 29care c urce , movement cand assistanc ther health services CardsDetails p 19reso linicconsultations lassesand o e. Game groups (Cribbage, Mah Jongg, Spades)p 32as avalthble Activities: Blood pressure testing, footLineDancingDetails p 18Heaila-RelatedGentle Yoga & Hatha Yogapp 31-32 Educational, movemes:Seminarsad oworksholth ontopicscare clinic Activitient classes annd ther heaps services Gentl e Dancingp 31 p 18 & 19of in avaist to seniors and their families Lin e YogaDetails pasterelable. Senior Art Classes p 28 Recreation Activities: Femi weeknd games,ops on topics Mah JonggDetails p 18Educational Activities: Sreenars aly worksh movies and NEW! Senior Archeryp 31specially schedulniors and theiitiesTai ChiDetails p 19of interest to seed craft activr families. Tai Chip 32 Senior e Healtand s Soc nce Activities: Assista eekly ga IB es, Computer Instruction (Mac & PC)Details p 18Recr ation h In ura ialBenefitsFree w nce (SH m A):Call to schedule an appointandt for free assista le ce wi ft movies, discussion groups men specially schedu n d cra thUpcoming Eventsactivities. For more info call 541.488.5342. Medicare, supplemental plans and prescription plans. Food & Friends Seni niortil eal& AFN (I nce r Benefits Assi ts Offe(SHI yA): y Check AshlandSeniorServices.org for newly added events.Se or U H ity th Insura nte net) Discoun st : nce red b B Cita The Food & Friendsprogram serves lunch at the Ashland Senior Ashland hedule an appointment fo / free assis t cust withCenter MondayFriday, 11:30 a.m.12:30 p.m., by donation, of Call to scfor low income utility and ror interne tanceomers Senior Volunteer Fairover age 65 , supplement 60 wi nsdisabil escr Ca io to scheduleJan 22, 2-4pmMedicare , or over ageal pla thand pr ity.ipt lln plans. for seniors age 60 and up. Meals on Wheels home delivery is Senior Utility & AFN (Internet) Discounts: Offered byLife History Story Timeapplication assistance at the Senior Services Division office.City of Ashland for low income utility and/or internetavailable for qualified seniors. These programs are administered FreeTouchpassBusCards/ValleyLiftVouchers: A limited Feb 26, 1-2:30pmcustomers over age 65, or over age 60 with disability.Callby the Rogue Valley Council of Governments (RVCOG). For morenumber of prepaid Touchpass bus cards and Valley Lift Avoiding Frauds, Scams & Cons (by Ron Kohl)to schedule application assistance at the Senior Servicesinformation, ple-3pmall 541.734.9505.vouchers are available to seniors 62 and older. Mar 11, 1ase cDivision office. Barbershop Harmony Society Performance Senior Food Box Program: We can help you connect withFree Touchpass Bus Cards/Valley Lift Vouchers: A limitedMeet Our Friend & VolunteerAshland Emergency Food Bank for home delivered food. Mar 25, 1-2pmnumber of prepaid Touchpass bus cards and Valley LiftAuthor Talk: Sue DeMarinisThe Station Masters Wife: Jody Johnson and her husband Markvouchers are available to seniors 62 and older. A Scandalous Life Exposed Apr 4, 1-3pm moved to Ashland last year, from theUpcoming Events Santa Cruz mountains. Shortly afterSenior Food Box Program: We can help you connect withAshland Emergency Food Bank for home delivered food.New events may be added. For more info call 541.488.5342. arriving, Jody started volunteer withFree library: Enjoy our honor system lending library of Meet Our Friend & Volunteer Dementia Caregiver Support Groupour partner, RVCOG Food & Friends. She donated books and DVDs. Phil Settles moved to Ashland this May 15, Jun 19, Jul 17, Aug 21, Details p 20 works in the dining room at the Ashland Seniors Celebrating Creativity: Rotating exhibit showcasing summer from Durango, CO, to bea local artist every three months. Sen closer to family.alsoui elivers mealsYoung at Art ior Center and He q d ckly jumped to hinto bound localg as a compn withJun 5, Jul 3, Aug 7, Details p 20 omevolunteerinseniors, ofteuter Food & Friends Marks help. She also bring tormazing homemade cookies to AARP Smart Driver Course tu s a at the Senior Center, where The Food & Friends program serves lunch at the Ashlandhe can draw on his professional share with others. Jody says: I have always volunteered, and justAug 28 & 29, Details p 20 love seniors and their life stories. And now I am one!Senior Center MondayFriday, 11:30 a.m.12:30 p.m., byteaching experience in math and donation, for seniors age 60 and up.Meals on Wheels hometechnology to help others.About delivery is available for qualified seniors.These programs arevolunteering,hesays:I love administered by the Rogue Valley Council of Governmentsexplaining things to people and am (RVCOG).For more information, please call 541.734.9505. glad to be able to continue to do so in my new community!For more information, call the Senior Services Division at 541.488.5342 or visitashlandseniorservices.orgFor more information, call the Senior Services Division at 541.488.5342 or visitASHLANDSENIORSERVICES.ORG 273 030'