THE ICE RINK WILL BE OPEN THROUGH FEB 18, 2019... We hope you can experience one of the most magical places in Ashland… That little outdoor rink in beautiful Lithia Park, where the air is fresh, the white lights are twinkling and the music blends with the sounds of nature and blades on the ice —“Let’s skate!” PLAN YOUR TRIP TO THE ICE RINK... What to bring: Socks, hat or helmet, gloves, coat, scarf, other cold weather clothing —The rink is partially enclosed and can be much colder than outside temperatures Novice skaters are advised to wear a helmet or purchase one at the rink. Additional rules/items to be aware of: • Hot cocoa, coffee and snacks available for sale • Food, beverages, street shoes are not permitted on the ice surface • You must be NO TALLER THAN 42” to use the ice scooters and they are only available during certain sessions — The scooters are NOT available at all times (see the NEW policy online or call for more info) • Speed skates and speed skating are not permitted • The rink does not have changing rooms • The rink may close due to inclement weather (schedules/events are tentative) • Children under 10 years of age must have a parent/guardian while visiting the rink—We ask that you support our effort to provide a safe place to skate • No trespassing after hours... The rink is under video surveillance • Weapons or items that may damage ice or threaten the safety of others are not permitted... be mindful of other skaters • Have Fun — “Fun, it’s in our Nature!” PRICING... AdmiSSion & SkAte rentAl FeeS Child (Under 5) Free Youth (Under 14) $ 3.50 Adult $ 4.00 Adult Hockey $ 5.50 Skate Rental $ 2.50 punchcArd FeeS (Purchase at the Rink!) Youth (Under 14) Rec Skate 10-punch $30.00 Adult Rec Skate 10-punch $35.00 Adult Hockey Skate 10-punch $50.00 OUR SCHEDULE & OUR POLICIES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE... • Visit • And watch for info on our Facebook page @AshlandParksandRec with the hashtags: #AshlandIceRink #AshlandRotaryCentennialIceRink #LithiaPark Photos courtesy APRC Volunteer, Bob Palermini 95 Winburn Way | 2018/2019 Season | | 541.488.9189 9 3 Ashland Rotary Centennial Ice Rink Ashland Rotary Centennial Ice Rink 95 Winburn Way | 2018/2019 Season | | 541.488.9189