APRC WinterSpring 2019 PlayGuide | 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St, Ashland 38 get to know your parks Briscoe Park in Ashland In 2018 APRC acquired 1.76 acres of land from the Ashland School District (ASD). The land is at the site of the former Briscoe Elementary School at the corner of N Main and S Laurel streets. The acquisition has been added to the existing 0.08-acre, “Briscoe Geology Park,” which APRC has overseen since its inception by local geologist, Len Eisenberg, in 2006. The NEW 1.84-acre park is the 18th park managed by APRC within the City limits! For decades, before and after the school closed in 2003, the site was overseen by the ASD and used by families in the area as a community park. “It is our goal to preserve public property. Losing this land would have been detrimental to the neighborhood, as there are no other vacant properties in the vicinity where a new park could be built,” stated APRC Director, Michael A. Black, AICP. “We are pleased to manage this property, which was attained through a structured agreement with the ASD. We will pay for the property over time at a negotiated rate. The property will be paid for with food and beverage tax proceeds.” Briscoe Geology Park: For more information on the “Briscoe Geology Park,” including fieldtrip information, please visit ashland.or.us/BriscoeGeology. 14